Print core AA-BB front
Print Cores
November 12, 2016
Thor hand front
Thor3D scanner
November 13, 2016
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Ultimaker Original+

Ultimaker Original+

995.00 +ΦΠΑ

Κωδικός: Ultimaker Original+. Κατηγορίες: , .

Authentic open source 3D printer

Επιπλέον Πληροφορίες
Build Volume

210x210x205 mm

Print technology

Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM)

Build plate leveling

Manual leveling

Dimensions (including bowden tube and spoolholder)

357x342x388 mm

Nozzle temperature

180° to 260° C

Supported materials

ABS, CPE (Open Filament System), PLA